Biblical Eschatology

A Biblical study of eschatology and the pre-tribulational & post-tribulational rapture views of the end times.

Biblical Eschatology is a resource of articles pertaining to Eschatology, the Resurrection of the dead, the Rapture, and the Second Coming of Christ. Primarily it looks at whether the Pretribulational rapture of the church is Biblical and does so in an article type format. I will add articles as I have time, so check back often.

I find that most people are not open to changing their views. If that is you, then reading any articles here is a waste of your time. It's possible to twist scripture to make it say whatever we wish. That, of course, doesn't make it right to do so. Unless you are determined to find what the Bible really teaches, and let the Holy Spirit guide you, you are wasting your time on this site.

My aim is to bring up powerful points not yet suggested to show that the classic Posttribulational rapture of the church is the one taught in scripture. You can find out more about me here.

All doctrines should be thoroughly studied in context with the rest of scripture to see if it is really Biblical (c.f., 2 Timothy 2:15). My goal in creating this site is not to tell you what to believe, but to rather give the point of view I found in scripture, which can be a starting point that should lead to further study. My ultimate goal would be to have you read the Bible from cover to cover, specifically keeping this doctrine in mind. Then when you're done, ask yourself if the pretrib rapture is Biblical, and form your own views based on a thorough study and not what someone tells you to believe.

In many of my articles I use the original Greek. I do this to show clear examples to prove my point. Early in my walk as a Christian I would see Greek in books and not knowing how to read it, or verify the statement, I would find it frustrating.

My purpose is not to frustrate you or to make you feel inferior if you don't know Greek. To help you in your study, here is a phenomenal tool you can use to check what I say. All Greek words and transliterations can be looked up on Greek Bible Search.

The easiest way to educate yourself is to learn at least basic Greek. Strong's can help with word usage, but it won't clarify some of the nuances of the language and especially with Verbs. A site resource I wish I had when I was learning Greek is

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